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December 2013, Page 1
The Finer Details. Nokia Lumia 1020 X Haydenshapes   
Date Posted : 19 Dec 2013

Last week while Hayden was in Sydney, the team at Nokia Australia and the ridiculisly  talented photographer Joel Coleman of 'Salt Motion' stopped by the Haydenshapes HQ for a quick crash course on the new Nokia Lumia 1020. 

There's no denying that Hayden is a bit of a 'tech nerd' , but playing around with this new gadget was definitely a cool experience. In most smartphone cameras, you have around 8-12 mega pixels. If you are working with more advanced tools, like the Canon 5D you get around 18-22 mega pixels. Well... The new Nokia Lumia 1020 has 40 mega pixels. This is pretty darn rad if you ask us. Yes, there are more factors involved in getting that epic shot out of a camera, but in our opinion,  Nokia have truly nailed it with this one...

Stay tuned, as we will be posting a photo journal through our Facebook and Instagram with pics taken on this fun little device... You can decide for yourself.. The difference in quality is pretty major and we are all about the finer details... 

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